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Meet our Instructors

All of our Instructors are a true Blessing to Lone Star Yarn. It is with their help that ALL of these classes have been scheduled, and set up. They all also give private and simi-private instruction.

                     If you wish to join this wonderful team Please contact me and lets talk.

Pat Coulter

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Pat enjoys teaching others how to Knit, Crochet, Pattern Writing, and Tat. With an occulated knowledge of all skills that spans over 50+ years, you will be hard pressed to find a more experienced instructor.

You will truly enjoy Pat’s charm, patient demeanor, and laugh. 


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Linda McDaniel

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When looking for a good all around instructor, you will not have to look much further. Linda’s talents expands beyond Knitting and Crocheting. With her gentle spirit and patient teaching style, you will be in great hands when learning new projects.

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Trudie Simonson

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Trudie’s expertise is in teaching. She is a enjoys every aspect of the craft.  From beginner, fixing errors, unique projects, to advanced skills, Trudie has experience knowledge. She can guide you through all the ins and outs, plus help with shortcuts and simplifying patterns.

Trudie have a very nurturing and patient way of teaching.       

Sherry Smith

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Sherry has studied with over 150 national Instructors here in the US and abroad. This gives her a very unique set of skills that she loves to share and teach.

Attentiveness to her students, easy  teaching style, and cheerful personality, are the perfect combination to learning.

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