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Social Engagement

Bring a Friend

What better way to learn a new skill or make a new project, than to share the experience with someone you know. Having a buddy in the class with you, lends a person you can bounce humor, fix issues, and lend a helping hand outside of class. Not to mention the memories you will be sharing.

When you and a friend join a class together, you and your friend, will receive a 5% discount off CLASS FEES. This discount can be used on your current class signup, IF you haven’t paid up yet, or on your next class. The discount can NOT be taken more than once per class and can only claim the same friend once in a 6-month period. 

New Stitch on the Block Squares

Multiple Class Discount

Lone Star Yarn would like to say Thank You for taking classes, within our store, and showing support to our teachers. 

The best way to do so is to give, “Multiple Class Discounts”

We have two right now.

  1. After 6 classes taken, you get one 1/2 off, or 
  2. After 12 classes you get one free.

The choice is up to you on which one you would like to do. The record starts over again after each discount. Meaning if you take 6 classes and chose to use the 1/2 off, you will need to take 12 classes to get one for free.

New Stitch on the Block Squares

 Class Discount

This was one of my very 1st Discounts!

Lone Star Yarn is glad to allow outside fibers to be used in our classes and will always be that way. 

Even though we LOVE to see all the different fibers available, to help Lone Star Yarn grow and to encourage attendees to take our classes, we offer a Packaged “Class Discount.”

The “Class Discount” is very simple! Buy In-Store yarn at time of Signing up for the class and you will receive $10 off class price and 10% off the yarn. This is just a simple way of saying thank you for supporting Lone Star Yarn and the instructors.

Yes, THIS discount can be paired with Bring a Friend.

The only Discount NOT usable with all these discounts is Guild Discounts.  You are getting a better discount, or same depending on the discounts used.  ALL reservations, for classes, comes with a free specified pattern. Most patterns offered in the classes are paid patterns. These patterns ARE INCLUDED in the pricing. If you sign up for a class, then cancel, you will get full refund of class fees minus the cost of the pattern.