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 Store Discounts

Mini Gift bags

Birthday Gift and Discount

To make your Birthday Month a bit brighter, we, at Lone Star Yarn, present to you a gift.

Come in on your Birthday Month to receive your gift. Inside you will find some fun little trinkets, and a store coupon of 10% off. There is no expiration date on them. You can use them when, where, and how you would like. Some restrictions, like always, does apply. 

ten percent discount picture

Guild Discount

We honor ALL Fiber Artist Guilds Discount!!

If you are part of a knit, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, or any other fiber related guild, we honor their discount. All you need to do is show your ID and you got it.

Most of the time, this discount can be used in conjunction with another discount. Please ask the Manager on Duty, if a question arises. 

Handcrafter's sign

Handcrafter’s Discount

Here at Lone Star Yarn, we love to see what people make, let them showcase their work, and help support the community.  What better way of doing this than giving people a place to sell their product.

ALL Handcrafted items in Lone Star Yarn, is made by individuals that live within the community. They set the price, and 80% of that price goes back to them. So, while no actual discount can be given on these items, Lone Star Yarn will gladly give you a 5% discount on total purchase of Store Merchandise, Supplies, and Yarn. This discount count can be used in conjunction with other discounts. Please ask the Manager on Duty, if a question arises.

Rewards program

Rewards Program

You know it was only time that Lone Star Yarn would join the fun! We have a rewards program now. It is based off your phone number. You receive 1 point for every Dollar spent. No, it doesn’t matter what was bought, only what you can use the points on. Already discounted items, and Handcrafted items are ineligible for this discount.

You can collect them or use them. Once they are used, then then the points are restarted. So be sure to give first name, and phone number to receive the point awards.

See store for more information

Sales Sign

Permanent Store Discount

This is a permanent discount give at time of check out.

$100 or more receive a 5% off total sale. Can be used with another discount. Please ask the Manager on Duty, if a question arises.

$150 or more receive a 10% off total sales. NOT usable with other discounts

$200 or more receive a 15% off total sales. NOT usable with other discounts.

Class Discounts

Social Engagement

Bring a Friend

What better way to learn a new skill or make a new project, than to share the experience with someone you know. Having a buddy in the class with you, lends a person you can bounce humor, fix issues, and lend a helping hand outside of class. Not to mention the memories you will be sharing.

When you and a friend join a class together, you and your friend, will receive a 5% discount off CLASS FEES. This discount can be used on your current class signup, IF you haven’t paid up yet, or on your next class. The discount can NOT be taken more than once per class and can only claim the same friend once in a 6-month period. 

New Stitch on the Block Squares

Multiple Class Discount

Lone Star Yarn would like to say Thank You for taking classes, within our store, and showing support to our teachers. 

The best way to do so is to give, “Multiple Class Discounts”

We have two right now;

  1. After 6 classes taken, you get one 1/2 off, or 
  2. After 12 classes you get one free.

The choice is up to you on which one you would like to do. The record starts over again after each discount. Meaning if you take 6 classes and chose to use the 1/2 off, you will need to take 12 classes to get one for free.

New Stitch on the Block Squares

 Class Discount

This was one of my very 1st Discounts!

Lone Star Yarn is glad to allow outside fibers to be used in our classes, and will always be that way. 

Even though we LOVE to see all the different fibers available, to help Lone Star Yarn grow and to encourage attendees to take our classes, we offer a Packaged “Class Discount.”

The “Class Discount” is very simple! Buy In-Store yarn at time of Signing up for the class and you will receive $10 off class price and 10% off the yarn. This is just a simple way of saying thank you for supporting Lone Star Yarn and the instructors.

Yes, THIS discount can be paired with Bring a Friend.

The only Discount NOT usable with all these discounts is Guild Discounts.  You are getting a better discount, or same depending on the discounts used.  ALL reservations, for classes, comes with a free specified pattern. Most patterns offered in the classes are paid patterns. These patterns ARE INCLUDED in the pricing. If you sign up for a class, then cancel, you will get full refund of class fees minus the cost of the pattern.


Testers and Store Sample Discounts

Store Sample Discount

So you would like to create something for Lone Star Yarn to showcase. We couldn’t be happier!! This discount is set just for you.

The project needs to be approved by Manager on Duty, along with yarn selections, quantity, and time frame. Once approved, the store will provide you with the pattern and yarn to create the Store Sample Piece free of charge. You will have the time frame that was agreed upon to finish the project.

The store will display the finished piece, and then eventually sell it. Once the item is sold, the cost of the yarn at 20% above wholesale value will be deducted, and the creator will receive the remainder. The creator gets to keep a copy of the pattern used for free.

Learn to Knit picture

Class Sample Discount

Understanding that a good sample piece helps sell a class project, we offer a Class Sample Discount.

This discount is ONLY available for the classes provided by Lone Star Yarn.

Once a class is approved for scheduling, an instructor may choose what yarn best fits that class, even if it is requested for purchase.  The Manager on Duty will do everything in their power to make sure the requested yarn and products are available in advance of the class.

The discount is a 30% discount, split in half. 15% total purchase will be given before the class starts, and the other 15% off total purchase will be added to the class fees paid at the end of class. If a pattern is required to be purchased for the class, the instructor will receive that pattern for free, with a copy for the store to retain.

New Stitch on the Block Squares

Tester’s Discount

This would be a fun thing to do regardless of what fiber art you are working with.

Taking the time to write a pattern , let alone finding the mistakes, and then putting the pattern to the test can be time consuming and costly. Lone Star Yarn would like to help easy the burden, and increase the enjoyment.

Our Tester’s Discount is for you.

Please enjoy a 25% off total sales. This discount is for the sole purpose of a test pattern. The tester can chose to display the finished piece in the store for a specified time, or keep for personal use.

What we do require is; an information sheet on the pattern and designer, for the tester to showcase their project in their social media platforms and tag Lone Star Yarn. Plus Tage Lone Star Yarn in the same social media when the project is done.