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Needle Tatting Supplies

Learn to Tat

Ever wonder you people made those tiny little lacy items? Want to learn how to Tat? There are actually 2 types of Tatting. One is Shuttle and the other is Needle. Needle Tatting, in some peoples opinions, easier to learn.

In this class you will learn the very basics and about all the tools used. When you finish you will be ready to start you first project.

Instructor: Pat Coulter

Date: November 9th and 16th

Time 1-3pm

Skill Level: Beginner

Fiber: Tatting Thread

Cost: $60 When you use your own threads, or threads purchase elsewhere

$50 with purchase of Threads and receive an additional 10% off Thread Purchase.

5% off YOUR NEXT Class with Bring a Friend Discount.

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