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fixation sock

Toe Up Knitted Sock

If you ever wanted to learn how to make a sock Toe Up, here’s your chance. Even though you can make this sock with any weight of yarn, this class was designed around learning to use Fixation yarn from Universal yarn. Fixation has a small percentage of spandex woven into the fiber.

So this class will be used to teach one item up for two different concepts. Both will work well, and you will learn that socks and working with spandex is not as difficult as it seems.

Material: suggested (Fixation or a DK weight), or any weight you are comfortable with.

Instructor: Trudie Simonson

Dates: 17th and 24th

Times: 6-8pm

Price: $30 (with purchase of store fiber), $50. (with use of own yarn)

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