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Triangle Scarf

Triangle Shawl

This is a  advanced beginner class. You need to know how to knit, increase, decrease, or ready to learn those basic skills. When you finish with this classes you will also have learned how to do A form of short rows. Which you will be able to use in other projects.

How this project turns out is complete up to the person creating the scarf. You can make it as wide, narrow, long or short as you wish. It will only take 2 class sessions. Once you get it down you are set. It really showcases any self stripping fiber.

Material: any weight, and type. Completely up to you. The lighter weight you will have a more delicate looking scarf. Where as the more thicker weight you will have a warmer scarf.

Instructor: Trudie Simonson

Dates: June 5th and 19th

Time: 10-12am

Pricing:  $30 (with purchase of our fiber), $50 (if you use your own)


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