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Kool aid dyed fibers

Your Turn To Dye

Learn how to dye your own fibers. If you attended the Spin your Own Fiber class, then you are welcome to bring it in and dye those. Don’t worry if you didn’t we will have Ready to Dye fibers.

We will be using warm water, and Kool-aid. This way it can be kid friendly and a great family event.

We will provide gloves, Kool-ail, dying bowls, water, and Aprons. Even with those items there is a possibility that some coloring could get onto clothing. Lone Star Yarn, nor the Instructor is responsible for stained/ruined clothing.


Material: Dye able fiber

Instructor: Carolyn – From Chicken Coop

Dates: July 9th & 16th

Cost: $50. per person

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