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Handcrafter’s Agreement Form


There is a form called Consignment Agreement that states the EXACT same thing. You are welcome to print and sign this form, or come into Lone Star Yarn to sign up.



Designer’s WRITTEN First and Last Name                     Phone Number                                                                   Date


Lone Star Yarn, LLC. is offering space to SELL handcrafted items. These items MUST be fiber related, and you MUST be the creator. Lone Star Yarn and/or it’s Owner, Kris Murphy, has the right to turn down product that they deem not in the best interest of the store, or it’s concepts. Lone Star Yarn and/or it’s Owner, Kris Murphy, has the Right to amend these terms as deemed needed.


Lone Star Yarn, LLC. and it’s employees make no promise nor guarantees of sale of these items. The only guarantee is ALL items will be treated in the same manner as the rest of the store’s inventory, (with care and respect).

Consignment payments are given out at beginning of month for prier month’s purchase. If the payout amount is OVER $50.00 then a check will be issued. The consignment split is 80/20, meaning 80% goes to designer and 20% goes to Lone Star Yarn, LLC. Consignments listed on website are curbside or in-store pick up purchase only. Lone Star Yarn will NOT ship any items. Lone Star Yarn nor it’s employees are responsible for payment checks being lost in the mail.


Items that are created with Lone Star Yarn fibers, once the items sell, the designer will get a 15% discount off next fiber purchase.

Lone Star Yarn does NOT give refunds or partial credit on returned consignment merchandise to designer nor to customer. ALL issues that might arise are handled between designer and buyer.

Lone Star Yarn, owner, or manager on duty has the right to allow or pull item/items on or off shelves and website. Lone Star Yarn is requesting the Designer use the various social media platforms and post photos or comments. Referring friends and family to Lone Star Yarn will increase the items visibility and the likelihood of their sale.

At time of presenting handcrafted item/items for sale, the Designer MUST have product tags o EACH ITEM/ITEMS. The tags will be as follows: front of Thag will have price of item; Back will have Last Name of Designer and the Product Name or Personal Inventory tracking Information.