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North Texas Yarn Crawl 


Schedule of Events

baah yarn company

April 22nd – Baah Yarn 

Established in 2011, a team that strives to bring luxury hand painted yarn and inspiration to boutique yarn shops. With a large array of captivating colors to choose from with multiple yarn lines, the possibilities are limitless!

Baah Yarn has graciously sent us some of their NEW color ways. What a great way to start off the North Texas Yarn Crawl. You are welcome to check out their website, then come on in and see their yarn in person.

 Baah Yarn Website.

knircole logo

April 23rd – Knit Cole Studio

Talk about some fun and creative knitted items!!

Nicole Gaignat has a beautiful eye for creativity, and skilled hands to turn creativity into heartwarming gifts. She has found a way to combine both of her passions, the love of art and knitting,

Nicole makes such a wide range of items starting with, holiday greeting cards, home decor, to arm totes – so you can knit on the go.   

She will be bringing some of her collection to Lone Star Yarn for a product show. Want to get to know her a bit better? Check out her website.  


Project bags for sewing

April 24th – 25th Mc Daniel Collection

Linda McDaniel is quickly becoming a favorite for her personally designed bags. These bags are truly a work of functional art. The pockets are big enough to hold patterns, and most of the bags can stand up while you load them.

On Sunday and Monday, Linda will be showcasing not only her lovely bags, but also some of her favorite hand-crafted items. She makes stitch markers, magnets, and to many other items to list. This is one product show you have to come to see the wonders that are made.

louisiana yarn guys logo

April 26th – 27th Louisiana Yarn Guys

The Louisiana Yarn Guys is Lone Star Yarn’s very 1st out of state indie dyers. They have been cherished from the first time they stepped foot into the store.

Even though Duane and Joshua Sullivan – Bradley will not be here for the physical trunk show, their yarn will. The colorways that they have created are bold, beautiful, and simply stunning. The fibers are not over proceeded so they retain their natural softness are a dream to hold plus work with.

You are invited to take a look at their website, then come in and see how incredible they truly are. 

Louisiana Yarn Guys website

wander luck fibers logo

April 29th- April 30th Wander Luck Fibers

Wander Luck Fibers is a beautiful company brought to you by Victoria. 

Victoria’s fibers are nothing short of artwork that you create beautiful projects with. Her eye for color combinations, coordination, and blending is breath taking.  

I would encourage you to take a look at her Etsy site to see all the beautiful yarn she has available and to get a small idea of what she could be bring. Then on the 29th or 30th come in and see Wander Luck Fibers for yourself. You will be glad you did!

Wander Luck Fibers Etsy. 


louisiana yarn guys logo

May 1st – Meet and Greet Louisiana Yarn Guys

No, you are not seeing double! Yes, they are booked twice! This time you have the opportunity to meet the men that created Louisiana Yarn Guys. Trust me, they bring a lot of fun, laughs, and an all-around good time with them.

If you didn’t get a chance to see, feel, or purchase their yarn earlier in the week, this will be a great time to do so.

Truly can’t think of a better way to end the crawl! Just like beginning with great people and beautiful yarn.