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sharon air mkal


Aug 12 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sharon Air – Summer MKAL

Hosted by Casapinka

Start Date: August 12th



Sharon From Security here. The Sharon Air MKAL will begin on August 12 when we will launch a 6 week nod to The Golden Age of Air Travel (as I SEE IT.) This will involve some BIG ventures along the way so you’d better clear your calendar cos it’s gonna BE FUN. We’re giving you a 6 week long SPERIENCE, not just a knittin pattern.


Yarn Requirements/Information

  1. Four skeins of fingering weight yarn 400 yards, each. More specific amounts will be available next week – we’re still testin. The original Sharon Air colors (MINE!) from Miss Babs are on the left, below. You can get the original Sharon Air set right here or shop for other Miss Babs sets right here.
  2. You can use any 4 colors: variegated, tonal, speckled, colorblock, fades, whatever you want. This is not a shawl that is worried bout color placement. Throw in all the colors! This is a shawl that’s worried if you give your hungry crew sushi, Tunafish Cola, and lotsa treats for 6 weeks. And with with my new plane, I WILL KNOW whose followin through or not.
  3. It is a shawl struction that is new for The Boss (Casapinka) and me. And NO, I’M NOT TELLIN YOU WHAT IT IS SO DON’T BE ASKIN.
  4. US 6 needle or whatevertheheck ya wanna use

We’ll have a graphic up in the next couple o weeks on Ravelry and Payhip so you can plan colors. The graphic might be shaped like an airplane. But the shawl will not be. Please do not email me with plaints bout an airplane shaped shawl cos you DEFINITELY will receive a citation.

for more information:  PRESS

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