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Gauge 101

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Instructor: Sherry Smith

Date: July 9th

Time: 10am - 12pm

Skill Level: Any

Need To Know: Knit and Pearl

Will Learn: All about how to read gauge, get gauge, what is gauge, why is it important


Understanding gauge is a very important part of knitting when you are making clothing or a project with a distinct pattern.

It can be very confusing on how to read, how to obtain, and how it changes with the needle size and yarn weight.

Sherry Smith will guide you to a better understanding of gauge in this easy paced comprehensive class.

This class is only seating 6 people. It will also take 3 people to make this class happen.


SWATCH 8" x 8" square

Pencil & Paper

Tape Measure

Cost: $35.00 per seat

Discounts: $5.00 off class fees with Friend signup

Class can be recorded for Class Reward Program.

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